Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Watercolor Journey

The Lady Sings Jazz

Cape May Scene

Man from St. Kitts
Candlelight Song
I'm celebrating the new year by resolving to paint more, so I'm returning to my little painting blog after a very long hiatus.  Lately I've allowed my busy schedule to rule my life; this year I intend to make time to do what I enjoy and to work on my skills.

Watercolors have always been a mystery to me.  I love the luminous paintings of Janet Fish, the subject matter and detail I find in the works of Mary Whyte and Dean Mitchell, and the loose strokes and bright Cape May scenes of local artist Marie Natale.  

"Fear not," I tell myself as I embark on my watercolor journey armed with my brushes and a great desire to find the place where those loose, light strokes reside.